FineMarker Hybrid - The World's First Laser System to Combine Both CO2 and Nd:YAG Technology on One Platform

The FineMarker Hybrid incorporates MultiWave Technology™. Patents are pending on the proprietary technology.

The lasers are installed on Trotec’s proven plotter type flying-optics motion system that has an active work area of 29" x 17" (730mm x 436mm). Combining these two laser sources increases the range of materials that can be processed with one laser. Marking, cutting and engraving are all possible depending on the material. The operator has software control over the laser source by defining the colors in the layout file so that both sources can used in one application.

The FineMarker Hybrid is capable of marking text as small as 1pt., machine readable 2D barcodes and JPEG images. It offers unique solutions for many identification applications that were either previously not possible, or difficult to do with a laser including marking on polycarbonate and day-night displays.

  • Highest Top Speed - 79 inches/sec (200 cm/sec.)
  • Fastest Acceleration – 5gs
  • Excellent Beam Quality – for unsurpassed results in laser cutting and fine detail engraving
  • InPack-Technology – provides maximum protection from smoke, dust, oil and other contaminants
  • Brushless Servo Motors – for superior accuracy & repeatability
  • Self-Lubricating Stainless Steel Linear Bearings – offering maximum performance &  minimum maintenance 
  • AD-Logic Job Management Software – maximizes the functionality and versatility of your Nd:YAG laser
  • Large Work Area – 29 in. x 17 in. x 6.5 in.
  • Class 2M Design – ensures a safe work environment that is self-contained yet integrated with your existing work environment 
  • Exhaust Systems – designed for efficient removal of fumes, debris & odors.

For further information about FineMarker Hybrid, the world's first CO2 and Nd:YAG laser engraving, marking and cutting system, contact us.


<< Laser Pointer

Visual representation of the laser beam enables accurate positioning of the processing head prior to the start of the job, indicating the starting point when laser marking. This is especially useful during set up with items that are irregular in shape or require precise positioning.

Auto-Focus >>

Trotec offers two methods of auto-focus; electro-optical and our proprietary software-based auto-focus included with AD-Logic. This gives the laser machine operators more flexibility to choose the method that is more comfortable for them.


<< Harsh Environment Kit

Added protection is available for delicate laser parts such as electronic components and motors, and is designed specifically for work environments that are prone to dust and dirt.

Air Assist >>

Air assist prevents combustion of flammable materials and improves removal of dust during laser marking tasks. It also offers additional protection for the lens. The AD-Logic software switches the air assist on and off remotely.

Ferromagnetic Processing Table

This standard feature permits objects that may tend to shift or flex to be held in place with magnets. The table is manufactured from two sheets of stainless steel bonded to a plastic insert. This provides the flattest possible work platform and the structural strength to support up to 44 lb (20 kg).

E-Commerce Connection

E-commerce Connection allows you to communicate about laser marking jobs directly with your customers, reducing handling, job adjustment and proof-reading tasks. Customers can prepare text and logos online, and transmit the laser job directly to your JobControl software.

Rotary Engraving Device

Our Plug & Play rotary engraving device makes laser engraving of cylindrical, conical or spherical objects such as goblets easy. Objects up to 400 mm (15.75 in.) long and with a diameter between 0.04 and 6.25 in. (1 mm and 160 mm) may be affixed. The fixture may be inclined from 0-12° for conical objects. The spring-mounted clamping device also makes loading and unloading very easy.

Variable Outlet Connector

The outlet connector can easily be replaced if a different exhaust system to those supplied by Trotec is used.

<< Lenses

Different laser applications demand different lenses to achieve an optimum result. Trotec offers lenses with focus lengths of 1.5, 3.2 or 4.0 inches. Ask us to recommend the best solution for your laser marking needs.

Laser Power Output Upgrade

By taking advantage of the output upgrade you can increase the productivity of your Nd:YAG laser without buying a new one. Easy installation.

<< Exhaust Systems

A powerful exhaust system is absolutely imperative for the safe operation of your Nd:YAG laser system for the protection of your employees and the environment. We offer a broad range of exhaust systems, all fitted with a special electronic module that allows complete control of the exhaust output and monitoring of the filters from on screen. Choose between simple fans and high-tech filter systems.

Trolley Base >>

Every Nd:YAG laser is supplied as standard with a mobile trolley base.

JobControl Software
Trotec's JobControl Job
Management Software complements your Nd:YAG laser, maximizing its functionality and versatility for all laser marking projects.

Download the FineMarker Hybrid brochure


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