Choose Speedy 100, the First Scalable CO2 Laser Engraving Machine Designed to Grow With Your Small Business


The new Trotec Speedy 100 CO2 laser offers a compact, entry-level solution carefully designed to meet the evolving laser engraving and laser cutting needs of growing businesses. The Speedy 100 is totally scalable in terms of software, performance, and laser power. And it carries the Trotec family genes: top quality, unmatched performance, and technological leadership. Speedy 100 is a small business investment today that will pay off big tomorrow.  

With Speedy 100 you'll get:

  • Top Speed from 70 to 110 inches (180 to 280 cm) per second
  • Various software levels available - From easy to expert
  • Excellent Beam Quality For unsurpassed results in cutting and fine detail laser engraving
  • InPack-Technology Providing maximum protection from smoke, dust, oil and other comtaminants
  • Brushless Servo Motors For superior accuracy & repeatability
  • Self-Lubricating Stainless Steel Linear Bearings delivering maximum performance & maintenance free operation
  • Multiple power levels from 12W to 45 W
  • Spacious Work Area  24 in. x 12 in. x 6.7 in. (610 x 305 x 170 mm)
  • Class II Design ensuring safe work environment 

To find out more about the various upgrade possibilities that the Speedy 100 CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine offers your business, click here.

Speedy 100, Trotec's CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine designed specifically for start-ups



Speedy 100R

Entry-level model for those who want to start at a really low price, but accept certain limitations in terms of speed, hardware and software options.

Laser Pointer

Speedy 100 offers visual representation of the laser beam to ensure accurate positioning of the processing head prior to the start of the job, and clearly identify the starting point for laser engraving and cutting. This is especially useful during set up with items that are irregular in shape, or require precise positioning.


Trotec offers two methods of auto-focus - electro-optical,  and our proprietary software based auto-focus that is included with the built-in Job Control Software. This provides users with total flexibility to choose the method that is more comfortable for them.

Air Assist

Trotec's air assist technology prevents the combustion of flammable materials, and improves removal of dust during laser engraving and cutting tasks. It also offers additional protection for your laser system's lens. Air assist is remotely controlled via the built-in JobControl software.

Ferromagnetic Processing Table

This standard feature permits objects that may tend to shift or flex during laser cutting, such as paper or cloth, to be held in place with magnets. The table is manufactured from two sheets of stainless steel bonded to a plastic insert. This provides the flattest possible work platform and the structural strength to support up to 12 kg.

Cutting Table

For laser cutting, there is a cutting table available for the Speedy 100, offering a reduced surface area to minimize the reflection of the laser beam and reduce burning on the underside of the material. Air and fumes are drawn through the table's honeycomb surface, which also keeps the processing area clean. The table is equippped with straightedge rulers and fixing clamps to enable accurate positioning for laser cutting.



Different laser applications require different lenses to achieve an optimum result. Speedy 100 offers a variety of lenses, including:

1.5 inch lens: best for fine laser engraving tasks with highest quality (typefaces as small as 3 pt. are possible)

2.0 inch lens: best for all laser cutting and engraving tasks.

2.5 inch lens: best for all cutting and engraving tasks.


Laser Power Output Upgrade


By taking advantage of an output upgrade (up to 45 Watt), users can  profit from higher productivity when they need it, without investing in new units each time an upgrade is needed.


Exhaust Systems



A powerful exhaust system is absolutely imperative for the continued safe operation of your laser machine, and can offer much-needed protection for you, your employees and the environment. Trotec offers a broad range of exhaust systems that can be used with the Speedy 100 for any type of laser application.


Trolley Base with Storage Shelf

The Speedy 100 may optionally be fitted with a trolley base that features a storage shelf. This keeps the area around the machine tidy, offering convenient storage for the rotary  engraving device, the laser cutting table or various laser consumables such as laminates or laser rubber.


JobControl Software
As with all of Trotec's CO2 laser machines, the Speedy 100 laser system comes equipped with the built-in JobControl Job
Management Software, available in three different user levels - from easy to expert.

Rotary Engraving Device

Warranty Upgrade
Standard warranty for the Speedy 100 can be extended for up to 5 years


Download the full Speedy 100 CO2 laser catalog

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