STRIKE SPOT TRAINER is made of aluminum, weighing approximately fifteen

(15) Pounds, and can be set up very quickly by walking down the ball return and

Placing the trainer where you want it. The normal position is by the arrows

The Electronic Unit has its own power source and informs the bowler by lighting up,

When the SPOT is hit. The Electronic Unit can be positioned, by sliding it down the

Aluminum track to the desired boar indicated on the scale.


The STRIKE SPOT TRAINER is a must for anyone who would like to bowl in the

Sports Bowl league. This is where accuracy is at a premium. A great majority of

Bowlers do not realize, or are aware of, the important fact that there bowling score,

Good or mediocre, is due to the degree in consistency of hitting their LINE. A bowlers


LINE is formed by two things: 

1.    The POINT of RELEASE, at or beyond the FOUL LINE. 

2.    The POINT of where one AIMS.


The electronic unit has an arrow attached to a spring which allows the bowling bowl

To roll under and gently hit the tip of the arrow, which when hit lights up a bright RED

LED that can be seen from a great distance. This means a second STRIKE SPOT TRAINER

Can be placed father down the lane, if one wants to find the breaking point of there hooking ball.



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